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Make sure you don’t grab normal table salt – that’s not the same thing. 2. Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing ; This rare and unusual piercing gets its name from its resemblance to the eyes of a snake. To many people, it just feels like you’ve bitten your tongue rather hard when you’re chewing something. If you see that, call a doctor and get in immediately. If you only follow one rule, make it this one – never touch your piercing without washing your hands first. One of the most common symptoms of tongue infection is tenderness as well as swelling of the tongue. Since the length is normally about 18 mm or lower during the first phase, one may give you a bigger one. Some of the common complications include damaged teeth from the jewelry hitting them, gum erosion and potential migration of the piercing that can leave people with a bad scar on their tongue. But one clinic in the New York says there is one piercing it refuse to do in its studio, and it’s a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Tongue piercings vary from single or multiple posts vertically (venom or angel bites), single post horizontally (snake-eyes), or under the tongue/web (frenulum). One destruction of snake eyes tongue piercing risks in times past was the materials that were utilized. Should You Go For It. Your piercer … Sea salt is great at stimulating a healing response in your piercing. You might also get loosely clamped barbells in your snake eyes tongue piercing. Any aftercare products you end up buying will also add to the cost of the piercing. In the case of extreme swelling, pain, and redness, visiting a doctor is advisable. After you’ve educated yourself about the risks and have decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it, you’ll need to pick up some aftercare products. Tongue piercing snake eyes risks and possible infections. It will help keep things clean and fresh. It’s normal for your tongue to look abnormally thick for the first week or so after you’ve had your snake eyes piercing put in. You can easily tell that your piercing is infected when … While a red tongue is concerning, any other color on your tongue is cause for serious alarm. The ‘snake eyes’ piercing pushes a curved bar horizontally through an individual’s tongue so that silver balls pop out on either side. Your tongue might be green, a purplish color, a yellow hue or even black looking when a serious infection has taken root. While lip piercings and standard tongue piercings can be placed in a way to minimize this damage, snake eyes piercings will likely rub against your teeth quite often, increasing the risk of tooth damage. For some people, that’s part of the appeal. This factors in the piercing itself, and also the cost of the jewelry. They’ll use a clamp to hold your tongue in place so you don’t wiggle it around and make them hit a vein. Dissimilar to todays present day materials metals, wood, and stone would not be as spotless for the injury to recuperate and if not treated with consideration could without much of a stretch turn into a contamination which would prompt passing. To minimize this risk, try to choose the smaller jewelry and constantly check the state of your teeth. Before Getting A Tongue Piercing / Tongue Piercings, Double Tongue (Frog Eye) Piercings: Guide & Images, How To Clean Tongue Piercing Rings & Jewelry, Tongue Piercing Healing / Tongue Piercings, Tongue Piercing Healing: Day By Day Aftercare. Finally, stay away from smoking and alcohol because both of those substances can slow down your healing. I debated about even putting it back in. The other style is the "angel bite" referred to as two piercings in the tongue with one placed right in front of another, There is also the "snake-eyes" which is one curved bar going horizontally through the tip of the tongue, it is mostly painless other than a mild amount of pressure. If you’re good at distracting yourself, trying to keep your mind off of what is about to happen may help you not notice the pain as much. At Charm inc we are proud to offer a professional Body Piercing Service. Stick with soft foods for the first few days. Actually, two balls of the bar create this unbelievable impression. When considering the cost of snake bite piercings, remember that everything is multiplied by two. Horizontal Tongue Piercing Risks. If you don’t have a good feeling about a piercer, find another one instead. There are several complications with this piercing that may make a person think twice about how badly they want a snake eyes piercing. A snake eyes piercing may be one of the more intimidating piercings you can have performed, but if you really love the look, you’ll probably want to brave all the risks and go ahead with it. Before booking for this type of tongue piercing, it is important to learn the various risks that may come after. You know what you’re capable of and how far you’re willing to go. A snake eyes piercing is when you have your tongue pierced in two areas near the front of the tongue – when a person with a snake eyes piercing opens his mouth, the piercings are spread out to look like two snake eyes staring out. Snake Eyes Piercing Risks There are several complications with this piercing that may make a person think twice about how badly they want a snake eyes piercing. If you don’t, you could be creating a world of problems for yourself. Here are some of the things you should be looking out for until then. Getting an infection in your new piercing is always a major drag. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Snake eyes piercing’s placement explains the risk of scratching and breaking the front teeth. Tongue Piercing Pain The toungue pierces are not as painful as the other body pierces. That gives you the best chance at dodging migration. The thought of having a small bar and two holes put in your tongue may freak you out, but surprisingly this piercing doesn’t hurt as much as you might think it would. — Australia’s leading news site, Central Coast mum argues with police over mask request, Unexpected twist after mum and daughter take pregnancy test. All rights reserved. What Happens During A Snake Eyes Piercing? Answer Save. Snake eyes piercing infection and complication. 2 Answers. In this video I explain why snake eyes piercings (horizontal tongue piercings through the tip of your tongue) are a bad idea. If you are looking for help with your condition, please seek out a qualified medical practitioner. All you’ll need is some sea salt. A hollow needle will be pulled through the tongue. You know yourself better than anyone else does. All times AEDT (GMT +11). Rosy Cherrington Style Writer, The Huffington Post UK ‘Snake eyes’ tongue piercings should be avoided, due to the high risks, a professional piercer has warned. They can also cause chipping of the teeth, and gum erosion.Source:Instagram. This guide will give you a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into when you decide to have a snake eyes piercing and what you should be on the lookout for when it comes to infections. Piercing Models is a site for all your piercings and tattoo queries, inspiration, artistic ideas, designs and professional information. Close-up portrait of man with piercing showing his tongue cut in twoSource:istock. You’ll be walking out of that doctor’s office with antibiotics to treat the infection you likely have if your tongue is discolored. That is why tip-of-tongue piercing is also called as snake eye piercing. Relevance. Some high-end shops don’t offer snake eyes piercings because of the risks attached to it. “When it comes to tongue piercings, and snake eyes especially, there are many complications that can happen both short and long term,” Dr Tony Bartone told When you’ve finished eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need to swish some sea salt water around in your mouth and spit it out. A snake eye is a horizontal tongue piercing. Before getting your piercing done, you need to find a piercer you’re comfortable with and it should be one who practices solid hygiene. So, here are a few oral piercing risks you should be aware of whether you have one or are considering getting one done.
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