[73], Between December 23, 2013 and January 24, 2015, the CPTEC and Navy Hydrography Center monitored four subtropical depressions to the south of Rio de Janeiro. [45][46][47] On early December 11, as it moved more southwardly, Guará attained its peak intensity while transitioning to an extratropical cyclone. [7][68] Between March 11–17, 2006, another system with a warm core developed and moved southward along the South Atlantic Zone, before dissipating. Regen, der gegen Fensterscheiben peitscht. Hurricane Eta is on track to be a catastrophic event in Central America — especially Nicaragua and Honduras. 4,3 Millionen Menschen leben direkt in jener Schneise, in der der Sturm voraussichtlich über die Philippinen ziehen wird. Autorin/Autor: Brigitte Osterath, Clara Walther, Hurrikan "Florence" könnte im Südosten der USA auch Touristenziele wie die historische Stadt Charleston oder die US-Hauptstadt Washington sowie Badestrände gefährden. Theories concerning infrequency of occurrence. [38] A Navy buoy registered a 6-metre (20 ft) wave off the coast of Santa Catarina. Duration: 01:21 11/3/2020. [28] The system was named Bapo by the Brazilian Navy Hydrography Center during February 6, after it had intensified into a subtropical storm. The storm made landfall about 12 miles south of where Hurricane Eta made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane earlier this month. After moving southwestward for a couple of days, on March 26, Iba turned southeastward. Dies geht aus dem ersten schriftlichen Nachweis des Wortes überhaupt hervor. The section of South America within the northern hemisphere shares the June - October hurricane season of the northern Atlantic. [29][30] Over the next couple of days the system continued to move south-eastwards before it transitioned into an extratropical cyclone during February 8. While these storms hit areas of Central and South America in October and November, essential disaster relief efforts continue. Hier ist es fast völlig wolkenlos und windstill. On March 8, 2010, a previously extratropical cyclone developed tropical characteristics and was classified as a subtropical cyclone off the coast of southern Brazil. [7], Two subtropical cyclones affected both Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul state in Brazil between 2009 and 2010. Published on 02:59 GMT. The weather station owned by MetSul Weather Center in Morro Redondo, Southern Brazil, recorded 278.2 mm (10.95 in) in a 24-hour period. [1] Very strong vertical wind shear in the troposphere is considered a deterrent. South Florida Expats, Central America Aid Workers Bracing For The Worst From Monster Hurricane Iota WLRN 91.3 FM | By Alejandra Marquez Janse Tim Padgett [27] During the next day, low-level baroclincity decreased around the system, as it moved southeastwards away from the Brazilian coast and intensified further. Hurricanes Two Weeks After Hurricane Eta, Iota Devastates Central America Direct Relief is providing nearly $10 million in aid after the Category 4 storm left entire communities underwater and … Iota … On January 28, 2009, a cold-core mid to upper-level trough in phase with a low-level warm-core low formed a system and moved eastward into the South Atlantic. [33] At 00:00 UTC on March 11, the Hydrographic Center of the Brazilian Navy upgraded Cari to a subtropical storm, also assigning a name to it. Flutwellen von vier Metern Höhe, Brände, Stromausfälle, gebrochene Deiche - Sandy tobte sich mit mehr als 145 Kilometern in der Stunde über Nordamerika aus. Nach Angaben der Behörden sind mehr als hunderttausend Haushalte in dem Bundesstaat an der US-Ostküste ohne Strom. [7] However, there were questions about how tropical the system was, as it did not separate from the westerlies or the baroclinic zone it was in. Er findet sich in der ersten der acht Dekaden (erschienen 1511/1516) des von Petrus Martyr von Anghieras auf lateinisch verfassten Werkes De Orbe Novo. [58] On October 28, Mani weakened to a low pressure area. Wir verwenden Cookies, um unser Angebot für Sie zu verbessern. [42] Later, it intensified quickly and then transitioned into a subtropical storm shortly before 22:00 BRST (00:00 UTC on December 5), with the name Eçaí assigned by the Hydrographic Center of the Brazilian Navy. Rare January Depression in Central Pacific; Atlantic Subtropical Storm Next Week? There have been over 82 recorded tropical and subtropical cyclones in the South Atlantic Ocean since 1957. In Deutschland wüten Tornados meist an den Küsten. Aviation weather charts, METARs and TAFs for North America, Central America and South America, North Atlantic and Pacific oceanic areas, Europe, Asia and Africa from many sources presented in an easy to read and searchable format. Like most southern hemisphere cyclone seasons, most of the storms have formed between November and May. [66] Over the next 48 hours the system quickly developed further and was classified as subtropical, as it developed a banding structure and deep convection near its warm core. In der Nähe der Stadt Wilmington in North Carolina nahm er vorsorglich ein Atomkraftwerk vom Netz. [6] Within Brazil the system caused heavy rain and flooding with a state of emergency declared in Aracaju, after the river overflowed and burst its banks which flooded homes, destroyed crops and caused parts of the highway to collapse. Palmen, die sich im Wind biegen. [71] The system brought locally heavy rains in southern Brazil and northeast of Uruguay that exceeded 200 millimeters within a few hours, in some locations of Southern Rio Grande do Sul, northwest of Pelotas. [6] The system was subsequently affected by some strong shear, before it moved inland and weakened along the coast of Brazil before it was last noted during January 21. [83] On the next day, the system strengthened into a tropical depression and other agencies considered it as an invest, designating it as 90Q;[84][85] however, on January 7, the tropical depression dissipated. Tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic Basin: A. 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