The most consistent way of getting the HDR to look good in my experience is to tweak the brightness until you can see every detail in the darkest part of the game's environment, then tweak contrast while looking at brighter parts of the environment, and then tweak brightness one last time if needed. When recording videos in HDR on an iPhone 12 and uploading them to FaceBook or Instagram, the picture is washed out making it nearly unwatchable because FaceBook and Instagram don’t support HDR videos. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 54 Posts ... explorer windows, etc.) Here's what's going on, why it's a … Try setting Dynamic Contrast to Medium on HDR (recommended). Colors are washed out. 709 in the options, profit, unless your monitor doesn't support 0-255 range, then it's on your end. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Tried everything in the thread, also a Sony Bravia. But if I put the PS5 into rest mode and then start it up again, it’s fine. As someone who has never experienced HDR but its extremely interested in jumping into it (specifically grabbing a TCL p607), all of the reports of stuff looking washed out or other oddities gives me pause. Your tv is very low end. User Info: aPHAT. Running this in hdr, and it looks washed out. Lowering the tone mapping midpoint makes a huge difference for bringing out deeper blacks and eliminating the washed out look, but it doesn’t seem to register on the sample screen so you have to bounce back and forth from menu to game to check results. Very strange. It’s also immediately apparent when pulling the Guide up in a game that uses HDR. GRIMREAPER ALVA. idk why they still show it in youtube listing like1080pHDR. I think there is either an issue with the PS5 or our TV’s because we should not need to put -1. At this point I have about 40 movies that are x265 encoding, mkv container, 10-bit, 4k and they all look washed out / under saturated. Display scaling doesn’t work properly. However I don't think my TV is recieving HDR signal even with WIndows HDR enabled. HDR can make a huge difference in how good a game looks but it’s not a one-size-fits-all effect. They are too dark and washed-out. I have LG OLED B7 and if I switch my 2160p on PS5 the HDR turns off. my hdr also was pretty washed out and i fixed it by a) calibrating the hdr in the xbox settings, b) calibrating the hdr in each game and c) fiddling with my tv picture settings. Every time I run a One X Enhanced game (which supports native 4K and HDR), the monitor, after entering in "HDR mode", shows all the colors undersaturated, like they were washed out; general brightness seems pumped up at the level that blacks almost become greys. Simply put, to watch "The OA" from Netflix in HDR is unbearable. You don’t need advanced knowledge to Calibrate your monitor in Windows 10 is easy, but you will need some familiarity with the display’s OSD and a good eye for detail. I believe Apple is sending HDR signal (so the monitor correctly displays HDR) but the signal Apple (Big Sur) is creating is wrong. For comparison, when I play a HDR video with MPC-HC / MadVR then my display switches to HDR and the video looks great, but everything else looks super blown out. For instance, to get 21:9 aspect ratio back, I scale to 3440 x 1440. 1. share. It looks the same as when it's being passed through the soundbar. HDR will not be that great. aPHAT 1 month ago #2. During "The Revenant," for example, the letterbox bars and shadows were noticeably lighter in the Chapter 4 scene where Hugh … It must be the display and the way way it handles hdr . "HDR Brighter" imporved it a lot, and then I checked my gamma settings. I turned off automatic hdr settings and my games look much better now. I always have to set it to SDR to make the color look accurate. Disabling the HDR the image improves considerably, still being a bit washed out. Live Color to medium helped a little, but it's still washed out. UP2718Q, washed out HDR, #4 Per this May 2018 thread, very disappointing to hear that Dell does not care because only three users complained so far. Washed out HDR. Ferrs. Other HDR formats are more strict (like Dolby Vision and HDR10+), thus making the HDR visuals more consistent across games. Not trying to be a downer but the Vizio V Series just isn't going to make HDR really pop, it doesn't have enough peak brightness or color gamut coverage. Below that you get quickly diminishing returns. Seems like games look better without HDR? My … With HDR off, the dashboard looks fine. Set contrast to 100, color to 70, and Live Color to Medium. Because I didnt. On Windows 10, you can play high dynamic range (HDR) content on an HDR10 compatible built-in display or external monitor (or TV) connected to your computer. I know of two beta testers who have confirmed their washed out HDR/colors issue has been solved by the update to be released some time in February. When I connected my ps4 (not ps4 pro) to it and turned on HDR, the picture seems washed out and dull. but i still don't know what the reference black level should be. Several games I have bypass it because it always looks washed out and needs all kinds of tweaking to look decent. Edit: The most recent time I tried this, the second suspend/restart didn’t fix it. Continuously tweak brightness and contrast until the HDR visuals look the same as SDR, but just more vibrant.