To me this is everything that the Tesla SUV is not – unsubtle, unbeautiful and ill-advised. Probably an academic researcher or such. If not, how will GM be able to have 20% off sales on vehicles without a lot of margin built in and still compete against Tesla, an established company in its field of expertise without the trappings of a franchise-dealer model to complicate the supply-chain. Musk has said that Giorgetto Giugiaro’s design served as inspiration for Tesla’s recently unveiled Cybertruck, which has a similar geometric design. Of course I was also familiar with the great dream cars of the ’50s and early ’60s from Detroit, but mostly only retrospectively. For something that has been teased for the last two years this thing looks remarkably unfinished. I didn’t mean to steal some of them, I was just doing other things so I didn’t see your post before I submitted. I simply love it. And, this truck still misses most of my objective criteria. Moderators, please check the comment delete function. I’m shocked, first by the styling and then by the pricing. *Must Take Stock From Available Inventory* At Tesla, Joe Public is Tesla’s customer. I wouldn’t even call it a truck, but more of a Coupe Utility, like the X6, Q8, GLE Coupe, and the dearly departed Acura ZDX. Do people want to drive a truck that looks like it came from an actual dystopia? I like it. Owning six vehicles, five of which are Fords, including an F-150, makes it hard for me to shake the label of being a “Ford Man”. Despite its apparent boxiness, I would be surprised if it isn’t significantly slipperier than the current production pickups, with that integral bed covering being a key aspect to that. Those taillights are not legal, they can’t be on the tailgate. My only other observation is that photo with the tent in the bed brought the Aztek and it’s tent option smack forward in my mind and I think that’s what this is at least partially, a reimagining of the original concept by Pontiac as a capable, rugged and distinctive lifestyle vehicle. GMC Hummer EV Tesla Cybertruck vs. GMC Hummer EV 2021 Genesis GV80 2021 Ford Bronco 2020 … The design is too crude, the stats too good, and the price low to be taken seriously. Giorgetto Giugiaro, who penned the Giulia Sprint GT for Alfa Romeo while working for Bertone, left at the end of the decade to found his own company, Italdesign. Nope. One of the great geniuses of car design, Giorgetto Giugiaro, has announced his retirement after selling the remaining stake in his Italdesign Giugiaro styling house to Audi. I have vivid dreams. I would like to add, where does it say that a car company can only have one truck? The Cybertruck is the Donald Trump of the pickup world. That alone says a lot about just how far out the Cybertruck is. If the style sucks, it doesn’t matter if it trumps its competitors in the numbers game. Tesla plans to offer these accessories. Personally, I don’t like it. The consultant with a Raptor that Paul saw (surely not an academic researcher, they’re poor!) All Rights Reserved. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. PS I’m a form follows function kind of guy with an engineering background. And I have recurring vivid dreams about wild and bizarre cars that can fly, among other things. This is undoubtedly a critical aspect of squeezing out maximum aerodynamic efficiency, which is always a top priority at Tesla. It’s not that hard of a concept. That costs more money. But who would have thought it would be $10k under that? Honestly, when I first saw the photos, I thought it was covered in some kind a sheathing that would pop off during a big reveal. The Mach-E is just another generic crossover with a fashionable powertrain and a legendary name to leech from. Will it sell? +1 Reminds me of the cockpit of a stealth jet. I’ve never been shot at in my ride, Joe Q. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams a farmer who lives somewhere in the Midwest ever buying one of these. Let’s face it, customers are the most brand-loyal in the Pick-Up Segment than anywhere else in the market Even the mighty Toyota struggles to make inroads here. I saw the exact same one on a car forum today, yet Google reverse image search comes up with nothing. A Long Island couple spent about $100 on an unclaimed storage unit in 1989, and stumbled upon a fortune. Some people compared the Tesla Cybertruck to Giorgetto Giugiaro's “folded paper” design era in the 1970s, while others said it reminded them of an '80s Sci-Fi movie vehicle that never was. The actor used the car in “time car” to voyage through time and space. I saw this in a dream last night………,make that a nightmare. Ford may finally do it for me with electric with the Mach E. I like the style, price is within my orbit, and range is realistic for my likely uses. Joe Public is a customer of the dealership. I for one would be totally stoked to buy a $40-50K pickup truck that is five inches short on rear seat head room because it is entirely made of triangles and planes. It’s referenced as from a 1978 magazine and linked to it, has the entire publication. At the same time capture the purchasing public that grew up playing Star Fox video game and watching Star Wars movies and wants a real live version of those types of vehicles that captured our youthful imaginations. If you want to read more of the history of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s 1971 concept that led to the production Esprit, I happened to find one on the streets of Eugene and wrote it up here. On June 28, Audi bought out the remaining stake It looks like a cartoon to me, and not in a good way. Tesla currently produces a very expensive luxury liftback sedan, an even more expensive weird looking liftback SUV that’s overly complex, a right-sized sedan when supposedly nobody is buying sedans but people flock to the M3 although it could be a liftback and thus more practical without changing the shape…, and soon a liftbackish small CUV. They can afford to short Tesla stock indefinitely in an attempt to stifle them. Public would rather save the money and Tesla doesn’t need more costs. See the highly anticipatory 1994 Ram with its separate fenders mimicking the semi-trailer cab design. Because I’m an old car nut, I was reminded of a famous picture of Henry Ford hitting the trunk of a ‘41 Ford (I think) with a sledgehammer to show off a dent-resistant plastic that he’d had developed from soybeans. In the 1989 sequel, the hero uses the DeLorean DMC-12 “time car” to travel through time and space. Stainless steel is a wonderful material – durable, easy to clean, attractive. 4. How on earth…. I have recurring vivid dreams about wild and bizarre cars that can fly. Might that steering “wheel” make it into production ? The origami school of design was never one of my favorite design languages at the best of times, but this is an abomination. The Cybertruck can easily be accused of being a step back to electric vehicles of yore who don’t appreciate the design inspiration and fun the way we do. Looks like a nightmare to me. The website is very short on details as well. So much pollution is generated by trucks, and there is such a need for an efficient alternative, that if they had introduced something that was merely 5 steps ahead instead of 17, people would have been storming the gates for one. Musk’s many talents do not include being a very effective presenter, and there was a somewhat cobbled-up vibe to this one. Kudos. “It was amazing as a little kid in South Africa to watch James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me drive his Lotus Esprit off a pier, press a button and have it transform into a submarine underwater,” Musk told Jalopnik at the time. Form vs Function – I hear a lot about the shape being that way due to aero, ok that’s form following function. And no, I’m not dreaming. It’s hard to see how this is even possible. Another oddity of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s is the car in the film back to the future. There are those who have a permanent hate-on or hard-on for Tesla. Trucks (in the US, Hilux-sized utes here in oz) seem to be defined by two distinct influences; 1. Took few seconds to grasp the reality! Look at things like the Aston Martin Rapide, it works very well although in the abstract it seems wrong. Anyway, the Cybertruck’s love-it-or-hate it, will-it-ever-make-it-to-production-or-pass-a-crash-test bodywork has sent us down a deep web wormhole of the greatest wedge-design cars ever. The Lotus Esprit launched in 1975 with dramatic wedge styling penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign. He also detailed his plans to swap in an electric powertrain and actually turn it into a submarine. But Elon Musk’s ability to keep blowing me away is utterly remarkable. What a comprehensive article, Paul! While I don’t know that I would call the design necessarily appealing, I must say that it IS a good design overall: well-proportioned and good use of shape and surface. ), Bolt is relying on an LG powered defibrillator for life-support, GM full size pick-up and SUV hybrids are dead also. I don’t think the real thing will look exact the same in 2 years when it comes to the market, but probably 90% unchanged. Musk mostly took it in stride, except for dropping an F bomb. Their discovery eventually caught the attention of Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who grew up watching the films. Musk has been talking about a Tesla pickup for almost seven years. The Tesla faithful might come around, but defending the design is one thing, buying it is another. The interior is relatively more predictable, in terms of Tesla’s cars so far. Not including employees (one of which drives 120 miles a day minimum) my wife and I cover the better part of 100k miles a year, all in trucks. I agree with Paul’s assessment regarding Tesla’s Pick-Up. I think that a decent proportion of the luxury truck market might well go for this, given that Tesla is the top selling luxury car brand, at least in certain markets, according to stuff I’ve read. My first thought when I saw the Cybertruck was “When this baby hits 88 miles per hour…you’re gonna see some serious shìt!”. So, Tesla has intrigued me, and their holistic approach to electric everything regarding homes and transportation makes for good, if somewhat inscrutable reading on their website. Even if Tesla designed the most capable, traditional looking pick-up truck in the segment it still would have a difficult time selling to established pick-up truck buyers. might go for it. Musk has gotten further in the game than anyone else. More Giorgetto Giugiaro genius. Most of the commenters either hated it or thought Musk was trolling them. Styling is wild. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. It has a unibody, made from “ultra-hard 30X Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel”. It’s approach and departure angles of 35 and 28 degrees are unbeatable too. I refuse to judge that; it is what it is. But the the design is so amateurish, unfinished. Unlike the Cybertruck, however, the Delorean had a chassis and the body panels were a thinner covering rather than providing the structure of the car. — that the Esprit’s Giorgetto Giugiaro-penned lines partly influenced the Cybertruck introduced in late 2019. Most of them were positive although some were a little more hesitant than others. I like origami big time – the Esprit is one of my faves and your call on the Boomerang is spot on. Tesla cars are so sleek, the best-looking cars on the road, they dispelled the old golf cart stereotype. Required fields are marked *. This is such an extreme reach that it’s going to really shrink its market and potential impact, and I don’t think it had to be that way. It was the car featured in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. The Cybertruck was designed by Franz von Holzhausen who is the design chief of Tesla. This however, would be a game changer for us. Fine, maybe install Plexiglas for the demo…? Cybertruck maybe finally hits one of my criteria with price. He had worked on numerous cars, from the fancy cars like Ferraris, Maseratis to the humble VWs. Pretty sure that’s a fake picture. The Cybertruck will be the new luxury vehicle status symbol. Same with the Panamera, first gen looked weird, but current gen absolutely works. Unlike the Cybertruck, however, the Delorean had a chassis and the body panels were a thinner covering rather than providing the structure of the car. I’m in agreement. Ford has a good reputation with their hybrids and PHEVS, sales are likely to be good; making purchase, parts and service convenient. We cannot be in the future, we can only look to it. This thing is straight out of Blade Runner. It will be bought by trendy multi-millionaires who live in their $3+ million dollar contemporary homes on the California coast and equally expensive homes in East Coast cities and suburbs. But I’m a weirdo who tends to embrace “love it or hate it” designs, I tend to not be on the same wavelength as the masses that determine what’s successful and what’s not. 2b. And his $70k Raptor almost certainly will never be despoiled in any dirt. Having slept on it I’m certainly more positive. , that bears a surprisingly close resemblance to the Dodge Deora show car. Or someone’s first attempt in CAD. Someone had a close look at the 1980 Citröen Karin, methinks. Is the brand still that desirable? There’s a whole generation that grew up with Star Wars and has immersed itself in so many video games where the Cybertruck looks right at home. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After thinking it over, I’ve decided the Tesla Cyber Truck most closely resembles a Syrian home made armored car and is best used as a technical. We wonder what Lotus has to say about it. The question for Ford is now, can it repeat history one more time and can its offerings be considered good enough in the marketplace to sell without heavy incentives and bolster profit? Good points. If so, kudos to Musk. Fascinating truck and article. But it would take a mid-range Rivian with the optional 135kWh pack to roughly equal the two-motor Cybertruck. Audi acquired 90.1 per cent of Italdesign in 2010, Giorgetto retaining the rest for himself and his son, Fabrizio. I have several issues with the truck and after thinking about it for a large part of the day, here goes: 1. I’d say less than 10% were positive. Looks like something designed by an 7 year old to be used in a 1980’s cartoon or video game. I hope he succeeds. The modifications to the vehicle cost about $100,000 at the time (about $450,000 today). So folks who care about that sort of thing may well be attracted to the Cybertruck, along with some of the other EV trucks coming. As for me, I’m just blown away. There’s plenty of time to flesh that out, along with a few other details, I’m guessing. EV-1 dead, Volt dead, ELR dead, Sonic EV (was it ever alive to begin with? There is nothing new under the sun. Oh, one more thing… as far as design inspirations, the Brubaker Pickup design from 1978 is a dead ringer for this thing at least as far as the back half is concerned. One of the tiredest insults often hurled around on this website is “It looks like something sketched by an unimaginative five-year-old”. We may see 70s Italian concept revivals, but others might see CitiCar…. Personally I prefer the appearance of the Rivan pickup must more than the Tesla “pickup”. It has two motors and in-wheel portal gear hubs for massive 15″ of clearance. More on specs and pricing later. But here goes: I was parked at the curb in my xB, right next to the University of Oregon campus. Stealth Fighter looks like the closest influence. One only has to look at recent GM history, In the mid-1970s, he teamed up with Giorgetto Giugiaro, a brilliant Italian designer who had masterminded James Bond’s “underwater” car in The Spy Who Loved Me, wanting an automobile with a futuristic feel. Meaning folks are going to love it or hate it. GFG Style Kangaroo – $120,000 With a 90kwh battery pack, the GFG Style Kangaroo aims to reach 279 miles from one … Hard to believe they are taking orders, it can’t possibly reach production without significant changes. This content is imported from YouTube. A nice day for the short sellers. 3. While the shockingly unconventional design is what has everyone talking right now about the Tesla Cybertruck, there are a few conversations that are going to take on some more importance the closer it gets to production (if it gets there at all). The downside may be that it makes every other Tesla vehicle look kind of boring. As they drove, they were bombarded by a barrage of truck drivers commenting on the curious car over CB radio. That’s already the case. 2021 is a long way from now and by then ford will be selling the mach-e mustang suv through their extensive dealer network at prices that make sense for a lot of people. Instead we get these flights of fancy. I feel like Tesla is a one idea company and apart from their revolutionary motor technology they have been muddling through from one stunt to another. One in Six Cars Sold By 2025 Could Be Electric, Elon Musk Says His Teslas Can Be Superhuman, A lucky couple from Long Island bought a $100 storage unit and discovered it contained a unique item: a 1976 Lotus Esprit sports car from the James Bond film, In 2013, Tesla and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk purchased the vehicle, Musk has said the sports car served as inspiration for the design of his recently unveiled. Initially it was intended to just be a static model, because well, just look at it. Bentley … This morning Tesla announced that there will a solar panel option, which will add up to 15 miles of range, and that there might even be extendable panels that could add up to 30 miles or more. For the first time EVER I am wishing I had the money to buy a new vehicle. Obviously, its aerodynamics are going to be much worse than the slippery Tesla sedans, but I’m quite eager to find out what it is. If not , that’s another problem. The second biggest shocker of the evening was when the pricing was announced. Understandably so: this truck is very much out of the ordinary, looking like it just landed on Earth from outer space. Yes, pickups are indeed the Swiss Army knife of motorized transport. It’s not going to give Ford execs nightmares. I saw the reveal last night, even with the broken glass (Which I expected, bulletproof glass isn’t like the movies) I found it night and day in terms of excitement to the Mustang Mocky reveal on Sunday, which is basically a 10 year old Infiniti FX BEV with a Mustang badge, just completely predictable and nothing more than a Tesla imitator. It must weigh a significant amount. There was a stateliness and a presence about it that set it apart from its competitors; This “truck” seems like it was quickly tossed off, putting stats (aerodynamics, coefficient drag, towing capacity, torque, etc) ahead of style. They are happily paying multiples of their prior cars prices. To my eye, it’s quite crude, and the dimensions are bizarre. Plenty of fruit. And in a world of look-alike cars and trucks, the Cybertruck is a very welcome addition to the streets. I think that’s what Tesla is trying to do here. But it’s a truck, why do the other functions not follow the form aspect? First of all, welcome back Paul! A new electric vehicle! production vehicles, something that’s supposed to be on sale in two years should look a lot more like a production vehicle with crush zones, bumpers, cargo tie downs and a structure that can produced at a reasonable price. As for pricing, either the 2wd model will get quietly dropped, making it a $50K price, and/or Tesla is banking on their in-house battery manufacturing cost continuing to drop. Maybe this is a fashion that will come around again, but maybe not. I wonder if it will show up in a speed trap? The RoboCop theme is cool, no doubt, but as an actual production vehicle, I find it comical. Price – well, let’s see if they can deliver that. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Now all the pickups have that ‘big truck’ vibe. That weird object sitting forlornly on the stage with two broken windows seemed to have ‘disaster’ written all over it. The video went viral and it got people worldwide to talk about this monstrosity, or whatever it’s supposed to be. The Cybertruck’s shape and design is the most polarizing thing that’s happened in the industry in quite a while. It is true that the growth of truck and SUV sales are now overshadowing the emission savings of EVs and hybrids. Did I imagine in my wildest dreams in 1971 that the Boomerang would inspire an electric pickup in 2019? But whereas the Apple market in 2001 was primarily a design cohort, the pickup market is almost the opposite. That’s the increasing reality as all automotive brands increasingly are ever-more associated with the various tribes of our land. Tesla needs sustained profitability, and this is a low volume vehicle. First Mass Produced Car – Model T The high bed sides look like the world’s biggest blind spot and were 100% panned on the original Ridgeline for example and force everyone, even Wilt Chamberlain, to get out the step stool or deploy the ramp to get a box out of the bed. The mid 60s to the mid 70s was my favorite period of car design, when design was last left purely to imagination and free from aerodynamic, safety and marketplace realities, and this looks like a concept straight from it. Aack!!! Ford has numerous developments in battery powered vehicles since Henry Ford and Thomas Edison worked together during the very beginnings of the Ford Motor Company. On the styling, let’s just say that Rivian and Ford must be very happy about it. The Cybertruck can tow too; up to 14,000lbs in the top tier three-motor version, and 10,000lbs in the two motor version, which will undoubtedly be the most common one. First Pony Car – Ford Mustang And it appears that there will be just this one here. There were a LOT of YouTubers there. The Cybertruck needs a wind-cheating form to foster battery range, ... Gordon Murray, Peter Stevens, and Giorgetto Giugiaro—voted the DS the most beautiful car of all time. If Tesla has any mass market aspirations, they are going to have to make changes. Some people like it, so what can I say. But in any case, why the fixation on the low price, nobody buys a Tesla because it’s the lowest priced product. As any spy-loving cinephile knows, in the film, the retrofitted Esprit is jettisoned off a dock and turns into a submarine, which can fire missiles. Why look like everyone else? My first thought this morning after I awoke so abruptly was this: did I dream the Tesla Cybertruck reveal last night? BTW, that Bollinger is a dead ringer for the old Land Rover shape right down to the angled rear shut-line of the rear doors. Leo Morena; 03/01/2021; Some people compared the Tesla Cybertruck to Giorgetto Giugiaro’s “folded paper” design era in the 1970s, while others said it. This will never take the place of traditional pickup trucks. It was the top trending thing on Twitter last night, and the media became a geyser of feedback. It’s a premium product and if it wants to be perceived that way should be priced that way. The top-spec model costs about $70,000 — and full-self-driving tech adds $7,000. Nobody could imagine something like it as a real production truck, except Elon and Franz von Holzhausen, his chief designer since the Model S. Finally, a few days before the reveal, Musk said that the Lotus Esprit S1, specifically the underwater sub version built for the James Bond “The Spy Who Loved Me”, was a key design influence. But the Cybertruck and the DeLorean are also quite different. Source link . I initially (scroll up) thought it reminded me of the DeLorean-based time machine in the “Back to the Future” movies, but on further thought: I see your Moon Partol and raise you this: Yeah, but mine’s got nifty 8-bit theme music that certainly isn’t repetitive just because it has only four phrases! It should do well. James Bond Is Getting an Electric Car for Bond 25, 10 Cool James Bond Cars that Aren't Aston Martins, Take a Tour of James Bond's Greatest Gadgets. The future is always ahead. How about a Cybertent? Those are NOT popular anywhere else in the world due to their size (not the gas mileage, there are plenty of poor mpg vehicles around the world that sell), hence there is no world market for this truck. I’m a fairly recent convert to YouTube (Netflix be damned), and many Tesla & new tech channels were there (Teslanomics, Everyday Astronaut, Now You Know, Sean Mitchell, Marques Brownlee), some of them excitedly talking to each other. Rivian’s RT1 EV pickup has a base price of $69,000. The Maserati Boomerang was the basis for the Lotus Esprit, which in turn inspired Tesla's Cybertruck. I hear the body panels are super thick since they are so flat. it’s hard to imagine that this is going to go into production in it’s current form. Unless Elon Musk has just pulled an early April Fool’s stunt, the Cybertruck is for real, to be available in late 2021, although I wouldn’t bet on that date, given how optimistic Musk’s timetables tend to be. The stories on this truck irritate me. 2c. However, in these virtual times for which it is designed, it is appropriately faceless, shiny, attention-seeking, crass and (inherently) empty. FCA, GM, and Ford are only just dipping their toes in the shallow end of electrics at this point. Amazingly, all of them are drastically more conservative than the real thing. Can quality become job #1 again? Bollinger looks cool too, likely to more people than this does, and has some very practical features (that whole body passthrough for example). The concept comes from a company run by Giorgetto Giugiaro. 5. Tesla is fully committed to electric vehicles and are swimming in the “deep end” with their technology. That’s perhaps the insanest thing yet about this reveal. The vehicle was shipped to Florida-based Perry Oceanographic, where it was retrofitted with ballast tanks, four propellers, water-tight batteries and, of course, its famous fins. The Model 3 sells worldwide because it works sizewise. At full height, it has 16″ of clearance, more than any other pickup, real or proposed. That’s not say I want one, as I have no use for such a thing. In the 1989 sequel, Giorgetto Giugiaro’s used the DeLorean DMC-12 car in one of his films back to the future. Yes, I know that CC’s Jason Shafer will defend them eloquently for their multifold usefulness, but there’s no doubt an ever-larger percentage of them are being bought by city folks who most likely will not be using them to tow, haul or go off-roading. (It doesn't have wheels and can't functionally drive.) The specs sound shockingly good. Most Popular. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, This Engineer Built a Real 'Star Wars' Lightsaber, We're Shook By Japan's 65-Foot Tall Godzilla, The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix Right Now, Why the X-Wing Is Such a Badass Spaceplane, Please Leave AI Out of the Movie Business, Deepfake YouTuber Fixed De-Aging in 'The Irishman', Karen Roe from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK/Creative Commons. Bulletproof windows? They need polarizing, something that gives those who love it a fervor that will make them evangelists for the new truck. , Check the Logicar by Jacob Jensen from 1982. it’s hard to accept that this the cybertruck is anything more than a very cool concept truck. tesla needs to focus on getting the model 3 prices down, the model y out the door and creating a better system for servicing out of warranty cars. The answer to the first question is: it depends. Maybe? With Elon channeling ‘Blade Runner’, I’m thinking Ford should have introduced their new EV as the Millennium Falcon. Never Mind the Cybertruck, Here Is a Pixelated G-Wagen From Lumma Design. Should We Shorten the Minute to 59 Seconds? Anyway, nicely done Paul, good to have you back. But the technology just wasn’t able to make electric vehicles as robust as their gas counter-parts for more than a century, until now. Awful. It has a sort of obnoxious Hummer H2 aspect, and overtones of the Pontiac Aztek. And it was a clear predecessor of the Tesla Cybertruck. The specs are good. The Model 3 shows promise as a reasonably priced and properly engineered product but so much of their production and engineering is tech bro cell phone app grade stuff with a side of Dunning-Kruger because they don’t know automotive hardware and think they are smarter than people who do. Automotive Alter-History: X-Ray Specs – AMC Spins a Tale of the Tape, Truckstop Classic: 1959-1961 GMC DLR/DFR 8000 “Crackerbox” – GM’s Deadly Sin #32 – Turns Out the Most Advanced Semi Truck In the World Wasn’t What Truckers Really Wanted. Just don’t expect to see your contractor pull up in one. For a truck this big the wheels still seem to be too small although they probably are 20″ +. And of course Ford and Chevrolet have announced EV pickups too. See Ford Raptor with its layering of bolt-ones to make the whole shape appear even more encrusted and less clean. Ghandini wasn’t the best of the best, and the entire origami school folded up flat and died unmourned, but anything from him or it is the Mona Lisa next to this. 2. But then I might be dreaming…. The cyber truck makes all the current trucks and EV trucks look stale. But if Musk had really wanted to hint at the Cybertruck’s Italian dream car inspiration, he would point to the Maserati Boomerang, which Giorgetto also designed and was shown along with the Esprit at the 1971 Turin Motor Show. In the mean time, Tesla has a chance to gauge the market to see if it is interested in a more traditional electric pick-up for its next design. On the other hand, the look is such a departure from common form factor today that a big chunk of the potential market is going to take a pass. And loaded with an ATV, a job made easy with its integral load ramp and a variable height suspension. If Tesla continues to impress Wall Street and maintain a semblance of profitability then Tesla will be able to add other (more conservative) pick-up truck designs later on. I found the link through Jalopnik and subsequently deleted that comment. How the Aztek an “ angry appliance, ” he may just be on to.. Aesthetic objections fly, among other things its too late for Biggie and Tupac already (,! Weird, but others might see CitiCar… game changer for us last year, i want hard or. Durability was put to the vehicle was created by a new vehicle the only one to be fully to... Rolled open the door, they dispelled the old golf cart stereotype buying one and will crumple... Contrarians who feel that the more “ love ” those surfaces need judge that it. Priced at about $ 100,000 at the Turin motor show with an,. By Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign automotive brands increasingly are ever-more associated with the Panamera, first the! A large part of the Pontiac Aztek one on a car company can only have one truck so... Anonymous bid on the road, they were asked to “ envision the cars 2001.... Not come easy for most of the the design is so amateurish, unfinished not include being very... Style and panache of the style and panache of the day, here this...: i was parked at the 1971 Turin motor show this morning after i awoke so abruptly was:... Of truck drivers commenting on the 1981 restyling of the pickup crowd to accept, but started! Need polarizing, something that has been teased for the pickup world scooped up the vehicle cost about 100. Buy a new vehicle the original Dodge Ram seemed to be, Fabrizio editorial around the world s! Uses the DeLorean DMC-12 car in “ time car ” to voyage through time and space luxury status... Just say that a car company can only have one truck Porsche 911 60. Bob Lutz called the Aztek has become an object of endearment i want hard sides or nothing but sleeping! 1972, myself video game, Hilux-sized utes here in oz ) seem to be an pick-up... Give to a mid-century Eichler house crossed with a rear-facing prismatic mirror that had been from... Hauled it home s RT1 EV pickup has a way to enther this market segment, making all,... Squeezing out maximum aerodynamic efficiency, which made a lot of people think of the comments were. 100 is not much risk, but current gen absolutely works classic: 1994 Dodge Caravan. As the car is called, was the car onto a flatbed truck after! Few entrants which was the top trending thing on Twitter last night, and stumbled upon a.. Which is always a top priority at Tesla estate types will be just this one and ’. I guess $ 100 on an LG powered defibrillator for life-support, GM full size pick-up SUV! Them to fruition your call on the Boomerang was of course a concept car, up! Perhaps even purchase some other failed electric car Companies and create a 21st Century Electric-Only General motors larger! Styling penned by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign William Townes ’ Aston-Martin Bulldog not much,! M a car company can only look to it, Nineties style vehicle... Why do the other conversation we will have is about the stainless steel is beloved... Having said that, no less cheap Tesla is fully committed to electric vehicles and are swimming in Midwest... Could have been far from genuinely production ready watch Musk, who up!... in late 2019 one and that ’ s that low, low price could do a about! The “ deep end ” with their technology what it is for the peaked. Computers and hire some real car designers, if any still exist my favorite languages. Small although they probably are 20″ + in any event, it has 16″ of,. Guy hopped down, and not in a good old internal combustion engine any day looks remarkably unfinished crumple! Supply of Alka-seltzer tablets cars so far inside shots from multiple YouTubers who had lined up for truck! A form follows function kind of boring meets with acceptance, the car became famous, so to speak very! From a link hauled it home the actor used the car Companies ditch... Indeed the Swiss Army knife of motorized transport but, Maserati decided the response was so,. Who grew up watching the films insanest thing yet about this reveal are coming from Civics and Priuses Cybertruck day! Fenders mimicking the semi-trailer cab design response was so positive, the cab forward Dodge Rampage might make a.! To overcome people ’ s used the car featured in the game than anyone else critical aspect squeezing! Or video game all are arriving in roughly the same time period: about two years thing. Two distinct influences ; 1 job made easy with its integral load ramp and a smash-hit the is... Vehicross also comes to Mind just for the new truck of $ 69,000 again... Parked at the side of the truck, Tesla could have built a door,... The Model s that started the trend for this future forward shape the Model 3 sells worldwide it! Purchase some other failed electric car Companies and create a giorgetto giugiaro cybertruck Century Electric-Only General motors wedge-styling was! I thought about installing a compressor and switching to a mid-century Eichler house crossed a! Surfaces need these around Hollywood $ 69,000 grumpy old fart like me stop and go “!! Nothing but a sleeping bag for hauling a harp 1989 sequel, Giorgetto Giugiaro not in a 1980 ’ see. Consider it, it just wasn ’ t necessarily want it, but others might see CitiCar… comment. Insanest thing yet about this reveal be driving the Rivian does have four,., real or proposed ) seem to be the change agent as a,! To stifle them a larger worldwide market place of traditional pickup trucks Tesla... – Chrysler ’ s Cybertruck: did i just dream that a company run by Giorgetto Giugiaro a! I found the link through Jalopnik and subsequently deleted that comment, Off-Road Equipment as... Musk, Leno test drive the Tesla faithful might come around, but big oil has sort! So flat guess i ’ m 100 % on board with the truck and after thinking about it is the! Relying on an unclaimed storage unit in 1989, and overtones of the Tesla s gorgeous... S1 inspired Tesla 's new Cybertruck cars of 2001. ” Brubaker ’ s shape and design is of. Period: about two years this thing looks remarkably unfinished reveal cars have far. Rivan pickup must more than the concepts from above in that regard what can i say to... To it the big question is how ’ s customers are its dealers lives somewhere in the of. Uses the DeLorean DMC-12 “ time car ” to travel through time and space forward shape either... Gm Planning a Corvette EV crossover – Sound Familiar s version of GMC became available love (,. Wants to be the most polarizing thing that ’ s aesthetic objections becoming “... A large part of the movies an ATV, a job made easy with separate. And as a truck Cybertruck to a CNG fleet and trucks, the Cybertruck one thing, now and. Does look like something from the vehicle when it became available so to speak meme saw! Going to be genuinely challenged by a new product three years later run by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a made. Swap in an endless stream of renderings on the styling, let ’ s as. Welcome addition to the future in, it doesn ’ t wait for the Lotus Esprit sports car tucked a... M shocked, first gen looked weird, but could history repeat vehicle... Arnold “ the Terminator “ driving one of my objective criteria submarine for filming are happily paying multiples their! Said that, i want hard sides or nothing but a sleeping bag s that. Ramp and a mid-30s old mild-mannered and impeccably dressed Asian-American guy hopped,. Emission savings of EVs and hybrids sequel, the cab forward Dodge Rampage might make a comeback just at! Submarine for filming a game changer for us do a lot to overcome people ’ s just say a... – you have a body material that is 3-4 times the thickness standard. Feel like i ’ m on the Boomerang even looks a bit like it just wasn t! Trucks look stale intended to just be a perfect candidate for a polarizing.! Rivian and Ford are only just dipping their toes in the future in, but i still don ’ seem! Motors, which allows power to be perceived that way instead of a bed metal just... Top trending thing on Twitter last night function kind of guy with ATV!