August makes exceptional smart locks that are easy to use, install, and integrate into a smart home. The Schlage lock does involve replacing the actual lock and it has a keypad, which is a feature you’d pay extra for with the August. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is up for order now, priced at $249.99. 2. quite frequently, the august smart lock loses connection with wifi. If I query the status of the lock from Alexa, it says unable to connect to the lock. August Smart Lock. But, that convenience came at the cost of large-sized hardware and a separate Bluetooth bridge. While this brand has a strong lineup of locks, we think the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the best example of how innovative these products are.. If you have an August Smart Lock, it will ask you if you wish to connect the Doorbell cam to it. I purchased the new August wifi smart lock in the US with freight forwarding to Australia. So August Smart Lock WiFi tells you what you want to know, not what you don’t. If you disconnect the phone form the wifi and unpair it from the car's Bluetooth (meaning you cannot make hands free calls from your car) the August smart lock/connect with start auto-unlocking. August was notified about the vulnerability in December 2019, but may not have fixed the problem. August Smart Lock + Connect WiFi Bridge Lock and Unlock your Door with the August App Easily Attaches to Existing Single Cylinder Deadbolt Control your Door from Anywhere via WiFi or Bluetooth Give Temporary Access to Guests Android and iOS Compatible With this done, the lock works, so it is only worth three(3) stars now. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock: Price and release date. Here's what you need to know about it. Be smart with your security and find the latest in Bluetooth Smart Locks, Smart Padlocks or Smart Key Safes here at Secure Your World. If you’re in the market for a smart lock, August’s 4th-gen WiFi device is one of the best the company has ever made. Buy for as low as $219.19 at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Home Depot. At Doorbird Intercom, we strongly support the amazing people at The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock ($249.99) is the company’s smallest model to date, and its first to offer embedded Wi-Fi. Sometimes doesn’t register that the door is unlocked on the iOS app, but does on the watch. It's the first August lock with built-in Wi-Fi, which previously required an expensive accessory. It’s responsive and super easy to use, plus the app looks and works great, too. August Smart Lock vs Smart Lock Pro: A quick breakdown of the specs. The August Smart Lock is at the very centre of the August Smart Home Access ecosystem. Most Innovative Smart Lock. Older versions of the August Smart Lock that pair with the August Connect may make your Wifi network vulerable to hackers. For more information, visit . The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) and August app allows you to remotely lock or unlock your door, check door status, grant virtual guest keys and always know who’s coming and going. Need help selecting the best Smart Bluetooth Lock? It essentially slips over your existing deadbolt. Available in Apple stores everywhere and thus arguably the most high-profile smart lock around, the stylish August Smart Lock can be a good solution if … Our most recent review of the August Smart Lock Pro garnered an Editors’ Choice for its multi-platform support, easy installation, and sleek aesthetics. We're using the August Smart Lock with Wi-Fi (4th gen) for two weeks in an apartment. It’s also available in a bundle with the August Keypad, at $309.99. The August Smart Lock Pro is incredibly easy to install. We've been using technology around our homes for years, so finding the right tech is our bread and butter. It's been a while since August debuted any new hardware, but it's happening in 2020. This product can be installed alongside current deadlocks so that current keys can still be used. After debuting earlier this year at CES 2020, August's latest smart lock is now available to buy. The new August Smart Lock: Sleeker, 45% smaller and Wi-Fi built-in. Keeping our own home safe and secure is a top priority, and the convenience of a good smart lock is unbeatable. With August’s smart video doorbells like the August View, you can see, and speak to … August implies that this problem is low risk. We can end global poverty in this lifetime by making better consumer choices, together. The new August Wifi Smart Lock fixes all that and adds improvements too. The August Smart Lock is a great way to give your lock smart features without doing away with the good ol’ key. August's smart locks have been some of our favorites since we reviewed the company’s first offering back in 2014. As its name implies, the inclusion of built-in wifi is the biggest addition to the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock. The Smart Lock Pro + Connect ($279) is the latest offering from the folks at August Home, and as with the original August Smart Lock and HomeKit Enabled models, it's a winner. The Smart Lock replaces only the … Molly Price. The biggest difference between the new Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the version that preceded it is the new lock is considerably smaller and sleeker. In the box you’ll find the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, an optional faceplate, the DoorSense sensor, two CR123 batteries, lock adapters, and mounting hardware. By F. Ion , 05.15.2020 August's slimmer WiFi smart lock is now available for $250 August's smart locks have been some of our favorites since we reviewed the company’s first offering back in 2014. About August Home, Inc. If you do not have an August Smart Lock, you will be prompted to name your cam and create a house to add it to. The fourth-gen August WiFi Smart Lock marries old-school lock mechanics with new-school connectivity. August's new lock features a couple of important changes: built-in Wi-Fi and a much smaller body. It will be more widely available on May 17. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock costs $249 and is available now at and at Best Buy. August’s new Wi-Fi Smart Lock is smaller and sleeker than before, and it no longer needs a hub for connectivity. Our innovative August WiFi Smart Lock is a new offering – one that is 45% smaller in volume and 20% slimmer than the previous pro model—the August Smart Lock Pro—yet still delivers the same advanced design features, functionality, and security. It was designed by Yves Béhar and will be available later this year. If you don’t need Wi-Fi but are interested in a lock that merely turns the existing deadbolt, then the Wyze lock for $99.99 is much cheaper (although a bit wider). Jan. 8, 2020 10:40 a.m. PT. The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock ($249.99) is the company’s smallest model to date, and its first to offer embedded Wi-Fi. Installed and working ok (just) – set up didn’t go smoothly, with wifi and Bluetooth issues. However, the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge needs to be bought separately in order to do so. Reviewed in Australia on October 10, 2020. Check out our Smart Security Devices Blog Posts and see which lock is right for you and your smart home… The August Smart Lock Pro is compatible with home assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which allows for voice control. That’s great for apartment dwellers and home renters as well, who often can’t change out their locks. If you choose to do this, the cam will be given the same name as the lock and will be added to the house on the account. The Smart Keypad comes with a double-sided tape template, two wall anchors, and two screws. At $250, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is cheaper that the Smart Lock Pro was at launch (about $280), which is good because the competition in this space is getting more cutthroat every day. See who’s there, from anywhere. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock will soon be available for purchase on and at select national retailers. With Smart Alerts, you choose and set your notifications to customize your preferences.