Over the next three years, Kind's team found several hundred more small mammoth ivory fragments. "In 2009, when we found the first ones, it was a huge surprise," says Kind. In August 2019, a man in South Africa was mauled to death by his own captive lions in a game reserve. The great discovery in Lonetal of the man-lion idol was found in a deep cave, situated northeast towards the River Lone. An autopsy done on a man found dead in a wooded area of Hood County showed that he died as the result of a wild animal attack, possibly a mountain lion, according to the sheriff’s office there. Christopher Allen Whiteley, 28, was reported missing … The winged man-lion idols are sometimes said to be associated with the Gandaberunda form of Narasimhadev, a two-headed bird form that Nrsimhadeva took while fighting with Shiva in his Sharabha (bird) form. Officials in a rural area of Texas are urging residents to keep young children and animals inside at night as they search for a mountain lion believed to have killed a man in the area. A missing man in Hood County was found dead on Thursday after officials said a mountain lion attacked and killed him. Christopher Allen Whiteley, age … Preliminary findings by a medical examiner determined Christopher Allen … A missing man has been found dead in Texas, with authorities suspecting he was killed by a mountain lion. The body of a Texas man was found after what authorities believe was a deadly mountain lion attack. "But this is exactly the spot where the fragments of the figurine were originally found, so I knew right away that some belonged to the lion man. The lion-headed figurine is the oldest-known zoomorphic (animal-shaped) sculpture in the world, and one of the oldest-known uncontested examples of figurative art.It has been determined by carbon dating of the layer in which it was found to be between 35,000 and 40,000 years old, and therefore is associated with the archaeological Aurignacian culture of the Upper Paleolithic. The county sheriff’s office is trying to locate the animal. Texas (NBC) (12/07/20)— The body of a Texas man was found after what authorities believe was a deadly mountain lion attack. A 28-year-old man found dead in a wooded area in rural Texas was killed by a wild animal, possibly a mountain lion, according to local county officials. In a press release titled “Mountain Lion attack leaves man dead,” the Hood County Sheriff’s Office shared that a missing man was found dead a day after he was last seen. A TEXAS man found dead in woods may have been mauled to death by a mountain lion, cops have warned.