Try planting in early spring or the weeks of fall before the first frost. Use floating row cover to protect your seedlings from spring cold and summer heat alike. If the plant has not bolted and leaves are 3 feet tall, it would seem the soil must be very rich in nitrogen and the plants are very, very happy. A dieter’s dream, romaine lettuce has about 8 calories and 1 to 2 grams of carbohydrates per cup.. What lettuce comes to your mind, when I say the word lettuce? It comes from the same plant family as other types of lettuce. Place the tray in a shaded place. Plant your romaine lettuce every week or two to get. Well-fertilized soil will mean faster-growing (and thus crisper) plants. Like all varieties of lettuce, romaine (Lactuca sativa var_. Plucking individual leaves is good when it is for own consumption and there aren’t too many plants. Add 2 to 4 inches of compost to the soil, working it in 6 inches deep. Copyright © 2021. Romaine Lettuce (Garden Lettuce, Cos Lettuce). Other crops that are sensitive to … “Bolting is the term applied to vegetable crops when they prematurely run to seed, usually making them unusable. Ever thought of putting kitchen leftovers to good use? Remember, tender the leaves, better they taste. Romaine. The proclivity of lettuce to flower and go to seed is a natural survival mechanism of the plant. Learn how your comment data is processed. Most lettuce varieties are eaten fresh and are commonly served as the base of green salads. Your lettuce leaves and roots will start sprouting before long. Cut the head off with a sharp knife, leaving about 1-2 inches of stem sticking out of the soil. Romaine lettuce is great on burgers, tacos, and in salads. Some common pests that attack lettuce are. I got this foam sheets for seed starting and they best part is they came with pre-drilled holes. Make sure your plants have space to grow. It is quite easy to grow lettuce from seedlings, but for those who want little fuss, it is entirely possible to just buy the lettuce at the grocery store to be regrown. Growing Romaine Lettuce Romaine, also known as cos, forms tall, tight bundles of thick, sweet lettuce leaves. Rotate crops. Natural remedies such as soap, diatomaceous earth, and similar tactics can alleviate most problems. Romaine (also called cos) lettuce is a tasty, popular type of lettuce. It is also popularly known is Cos lettuce due to its origin in an Island called “Cos”. Pulling the plant all the way out of the ground. I don’t have to make holes . Lettuce is generally a rich source of vitamins K and A, though the nutritional quality varies, depending on the variety. Thanks for tuning into our channel! Instead, use natural pest repellents. Lettuce seeds needs light to germinate. No sign of good rain,we are in a terrible drought in South Africa. It will promote germination and prevent Romaine from tasting bitter. Romaine Lettuce is such a kind. High temperatures induce dormancy in lettuce. It’s a fungus that causes the outer leaves to develop soggy tan spots that gradually fall out. Primarily, bolting occurs when you plant your lettuce in a warm climate. It shouldn’t be soggy wet. For a continuous supply of leafy lettuce throughout the growing season, try planting romaine lettuce every couple weeks. Excited home gardeners don't have to wait that long, however, to sample the fruits of their labor. There are two ways to harvest lettuce i.e pick the whole head or just pluck the leaves. If you grow your Romaine in sandy or clay soil add compost to improve soil quality. longifolia_) is a cool-season plant. An addition of 16-16-8 fertilizer will work best. For leaf lettuce, start picking the leaves when there is at least 5-6 mature leaves of usable size. Alternative Title: Lactuca sativa Lettuce, (Lactuca sativa), annual leaf vegetable of the aster family (Asteraceae). You should have your lettuce all grown within the fortnight. So remember to harvest early and enjoy your salad! Here’s the best way to grow lettuce in your garden: Romaine lettuce propagates best in loamy soil that has good drainage characteristics. In case you didn’t get a good germination, don’t sweat. Lettuces need this to keep producing new leaves. And yet, it also needs a continuous supply of moisture. We share our earth with insects and pests. Nutritionally, Romaine has all of the benefits of most green, leafy foods. Preferable time to transplant is evening so that they have a longer time before the next sun. Rake back any mulch. Here are the steps to regrow your Romaine: Once established, Romaine plants prefer cool weather and a lot of moisture. If you thought Iceberg lettuce, you aren’t alone. The name “romaine” suggests that the lettuce might have originated in Rome. You can use a general purpose fertilizer for feeding your romaine lettuce plants. This is a question I encounter from beginner gardeners. I grew the plants in an NFT System using hydroponic nutrients. My plants always produce tiny leaves on a tall stem. What ever your system is the growing times shouldn’t change much. If you leave your lettuce stem growing for too long, it will become spindly and bitter. Use regular light bulbs or LED lights. When to Plant Lettuce. With its refreshingly light taste, lettuce (Lactuca) can become bitter-tasting if it is exposed to certain growing conditions. It is full of antioxidants as well as trace minerals and fiber. However, it’s recommended that the seeds are started indoors as they transplant easily and will likely be healthier. Also known as “cos,” this long leaved salad green is crisp and crunchy, and usually has a mild, or just slightly bitter taste. Don’t forget to change the water. The Gardening Channel contains a mash-up of articles on diverse topics such as: Romaine Lettuce, a PDF from University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension ServiceHome Garden Lettuce, from NC Cooperative Extension, Filed Under: Lettuce, Vegetables By Name A-M Tagged With: growing lettuce, Growing Vegetables, harvesting romaine lettuce, how to grow lettuce, planting romaine lettuce, romaine lettuce, vegetable garden, vegetable gardening. It gets its name from the Romans, who likely imported it from either Greece or (more likely) Arabia. Happy to share that I will be featured on, The mint plants are growing very well and, © 2021 GEEKGARDENER. Gardening Channel. In comparison to other types of lettuce, Romaine is considered more heat-tolerant. This means that seeds go into sleep and will not germinate. Romaine lettuce leaves are edible any day. You can regrow Romaine lettuce this way, by reusing the plant’s stems. You can also germinate them using seed starting plugs with excellent results. It will shoot up quickly if provided higher fertility. Within 2 days you should see the first few leaves grow out of the center of your stem. That doesn’t mean you need to wait for 25 days. Romaine lettuce takes about 20-25 days from the day of planting to come for harvest. It can tolerate some heat, but not as much as the leaf lettuce. The plants will need to be protected from the pests that can attack them. Romaine spreads out from a tight center instead of forming a ball or remaining loosely disconnected. Lettuce is a cold weather crop. You can also use moisture meters to determine the percentage of water content. Still, this is not the happiest solution. In a couple of days after transplanting, the plants will really start to pickup. Keep the soil well-drained to keep aphids at bay or physically remove them by using a hose. You call it Romaine or Cos, this lettuce is one of the best when it comes to nutrition and ease of growing. The extended growing season works because romaine is able to grow without bolting in the warm summers. Your system might be different. They are a crunchy variety of lettuce that grows in cool weather. If you are growing hydroponically, then there are multiple options to choose from. Romaine or cos lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. Your Romaine garden plants can be severely damaged by shot hole disease. Before you start, make sure you hit the sweet spot when timing your little indoor harvest. Doing this when the plant is in its baby stage, at about 25 days, is often more successful than waiting for a mature head. Before the first frost or first really cold weather comes, harvest completely. Here’s how to address the most common problems with Romaine: Romaine can be picked whenever it’s big enough to use. Like many other types of lettuce, Romaine should be fed only in moderation, as it is mainly water and not high in nutritional values. So, here are a few ideas to help you prevent bolting: Romaine requires 65-70 days to mature from seed. They’ll make it if the temperature dips below zero. Early spring is the best time for planting lettuce. So, keep the soil moist enough. But it gets better. Romaine lettuce is generally ready to harvest at 70 to 75 days after planting. The typical candidates are slugs, rabbits, and other rodents. Many leaf lettuce varieties are prone to bolting when exposed to too much sun. It is a short term crop and much easier to handle. Romaine lettuce is a variety of lettuce that grows long light to dark green leaves attached to a thick stem. Well, you should try it out. Not really. Some of them can be cultivated and harvested as microgreens. The leaves of the lettuce get bitter as they mature and grow. A moist medium is one where water drips when it is tightly squeezed. In India, we have two seasons, Summer and Hot Summer. Each type has varying growing needs and characteristics. Take some moist seed starting medium (a fancy name for plain cocopeat;). If you’ve already harvested this way, you can use these regrown heads as cover crops. You can blame this odd growth on this situation, which also impacts the quality of your lettuce. Start springtime crops from lettuce seeds indoors to prevent bolting. Required fields are marked *. Well-suited for containers, romaine can grow alone, with other types of lettuce such as looseleaf, butterhead or crisphead, or in … For this experiment to work, you need to shop at a local farmer’s market for fresh produce. It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable, but sometimes for its stem and seeds. Seeing aphids munching on the lettuce leaves is also not an unusual sight. Otherwise, the frost will destroy your yields. If you have sown the seeds in a plug or a foam cube, then transplanting is a piece of cake. Here are my recommended options for lettuce: 1. . The mature plant can reach up to 20 inches tall. In warm weather, lettuce–a cool-weather plant–will bolt (send up a shoot and flower) and drop seed; some varieties could get 3 feet tall with flower stalks. I have a habit of covering the tray or the flatwith the polythene sheet to keep the moisture intact and it has always paid off well. Many types of romaine lettuce are also heat-tolerant. When you get germination like above, it is as joyous as getting 100% score in an examination. We have terrible heat in South Africa at the moment and our vegetables are really suffering. As the plant continues to grow, it will start to flower and before that happens, you will see a talk stalk growing in the center of the plant. Whatever you do to amend the damage to Romaine crops in your garden, don’t resort to pesticides. Do this at any time during the plant’s growth, many gardeners will harvest baby romaine this way. Parris Island Romaine is an heirloom variety that was named after a town on the coast of South Carolina. Without further ado, I will get into the act of growing from start to end. Don't forget to hit like or subscribe!This video is part two of a series for how to grow romaine lettuce from scraps. First, you want to protect your Romaine from pests. While I have always used cocopeat for seed starting, this time around I tried something different. Romaine (also called cos) lettuce is a tasty, popular type of lettuce. The Causes of Bitter Lettuce Sap. My growing system was NFT system yours might vary. Romaine lettuce is a type of salad lettuce. I don’t have one.. so this is how it is. For example, get a 5-5-5 or a 10-10-10 blend. On the left is a full grown leaf from a store bought romaine lettuce, on the right are 12 leaves regrown from a romaine stem after about 4 weeks Unlike regrowing green onionsor regrowing celery, you won’t be able to regrow a full head of lettuce. Since it is has such a strong base on it, it makes it easier to germinate in my opinion. Whatever be the system you are using, transplanting is very simple. Some of the most heat-resistant Romaine varieties are ‘Sparx’, ‘Jericho’, and ‘Coastal Star’. Check out this page to learn more about other leafy greens. Harvest your lettuce when it takes on a blue-green color and the center leaves get less dense. Plant more bolt-resistant varieties into the summer season. To keep rabbits out of the way, use floating row covers, chicken wire, or grow Romaine in elevated containers. Although heat-tolerant, Romaine grows best in cooler climates and prefers moisture-rich soil. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Though lettuce is a short term crop, they arent without pests. In comparison to other types of lettuce, romaine is considered more heat tolerant and bolt resistant. Sow your fall crops directly into the garden. In general, romaine cultivars are among the most heat tolerant lettuce varieties. Romaine can also be harvested leaf by leaf to extend the harvest. However, romaine packs a larger amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients than other popular types of lettuce. In North America, romaine is sold as whole heads or as “hearts” that have had the outer leaves removed and are often packaged together. We may earn an affiliate commission if you buy from one of our product links, at no extra cost to you. Created for free using WordPress. If all goes well, the seeds will germinate in a couple of days. Make sure to amend the soil before spring planting so you allow the additive to activate in the soil. It is a perfect variety for baby-leaf harvests, but also produces heavy, upright heads that can get … As a result, your lettuce leaves look as if they have bullet holes all around. Transplant your seedlings when it has cooled off. I love harvesting a little bit of lettuce every night, just enough for my meal. Place them 12-18 inches apart – more space generally means larger heads. It’s always good to keep a few hacks under the belt. Plant Type: Vegetable Fill Weight (grams): 1 Grows Best In: Sun/Partial Shade Days to Germination: 7-10 Days Days to Maturity: 68 Days Growth Type: Romaine Planting Depth:.25" Seed Spacing: Sow Parris Island Cos Lettuce seeds roughly 8" apart in rows. Romaine grows in tall heads of sturdy leaves and is very heat tolerant. Water lettuce every four to five days during drought periods. This is the best adsense alternative for any type of website (they approve all sites), Like all lettuces, romaine is extremely low in calories and high in water content (about 95 grams in 1 cup). You call it Romaine or Cos, this lettuce is one of the best when it comes to nutrition and  ease of growing. Romaine lettuce (Lactuca sativa), also called cos lettuce, makes a rather elegant statement in containers with its upright growth habit and narrow leaves. All you need to do now is to ensure they are watered well. Keep picking until a seed stalk appears or the leaves become bitter. A no nonsense commercial Hydroponics Training In India. Got featured in The Better India magazine. Do it every one or two days. They seeds need to be fresh and with in the expiry period. Or use our search bar to navigate the website for more valuable information on gardening. Required fields are marked *. Gently, partly cover the seed with sowing media to keep the seed intact. A good potting mix will make lettuces grow very well. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Apply ¼ cup of a 21-0-0 nitrogen fertilizer on every 10-foot row of the lettuce. It grows well in pots and is a popular choice for container and vertical gardening.