Oscar Isaac is in talks to star as Moon Knight in the upcoming Disney+ series, which will be just one of several iconic heroes confirmed to be getting a streaming series set in the MCU. With no release set either for Moon Knight, perhaps Feige is waiting to bring Isaac on stage in Hall H, à la Mahershala Ali at 2019's San Diego Comic-Con. Moon Knight is also a character that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has become increasingly more interested in bringing to the screen. Marc Spector is a man who's been shattered into 4 separate identities who come together to become the hooded crusader of vengeance: The Moon Knight. RELATED: Moon Knight: 10 Facts You Need To Know About Marvel's Batman Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a group of American superhero films and television series produced by Marvel Studios based on characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics.Phase Four features all of the Marvel Studios productions set to be released from 2021 through 2023. Moon Knight, one of many upcoming projects waiting in the wings slated for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has added May Calamawy (Hulu's Ramy) to the show's cast in a key role. We don't know when Moon Knight will hit Disney+, but his MCU cohorts The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision will be coming to the streamer later this year. Moon Knight. Moon Knight to feature Werewolf by Night & More - MCU Future & Rumors. Most, like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision, are centered on established heroes from previous movies, but three of the announced shows (She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel) will focus on heroes new to the MCU. In a vision, Spector spoke to Khonshu, who offered him a second chance at life by giving him the opportunity to become his appointed champion. A one-stop shop for all things video games. https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Moon_Knight_(TV_series) Next: Every Upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie. Since he is a big fan of the character, it is conceivable that he, McFeely, and the Russos worked in some possible Easter eggs in their MCU work. Moon Knight Disney+ Series Details Revealed by MCU Boss, Is Oscar Isaac Confirmed? Markus previously shared his hope that someone will make "a really good Moon Knight movie" in the future on Fatman on Batman that balances his cheesy history with his updated style. Designer Raf Grassetti, bekend van de God of Wars-games, heeft via Instagram zijn duit in het zakje gedaan en een gaaf ontwerp gedeeld. According to our sources, Marvel Studios is devleoping a Moon Knight project with a Jewish lead, and they may just be eyeing a former Spider-Man star. Moon Knight is an upcoming American web television series, based on the Marvel Comics superhero of the same name. On that note, Moon Knight could be one of the MCU's darkest, deepest stories yet, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige stating at 2019's D23 Expo that Disney Plus's Moon Knight … Multiple Moon Knights This theory stems from the second sentence of Disney's official announcement, "The multiple identities who live inside him are distinct characters who appear against a backdrop of Egyptian iconography." Okay, yes, while this post does confirm that Isaac is indeed a part of Moon Knight, Middleton didn't exactly specify that he has been roped in to play the titular character.But come on! Related: Oscar Isaac Is About To Break A Marvel Record With MCU Casting. The locations of these events appear to be Russia, China, Australia, and... Egypt. Furthermore, what was needed for Moon Knight is an actor with the talents to be able to convincingly pull off Moon Knight’s different personalities, including Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Locksley.