Cottonpatch sell Quilters Dream Select wadding, at a reasonable price but it's out of stock in the size I need, and I ideally need it in a hurry! Mermaid; Ball gown; Short; Jumpsuit; Tuxedo; View by event. The cotton wadding is a natural product of the finest 100% USA cotton. image[ number++ ] = "" 0. 813. Quilters Dream Natural Cotton wadding is made from 100% pure USA natural high grade cotton and is specially needle-punched for strength. g_mapProds['10353'] = {"sProdRef":"10353","nPrice":2520,"sTax1Rate":"20","sTax2Rate":"","nPricingModel":0,"bOvrStaticPrice":1,"bSequentialChoices":1,"bAssemblyProduct":0}; £35.95 For the best selection of rotary cutters, cutting mats and patchwork rulers. image[number++] = "" image[number++] = "" image[number++] = "" The sample parameters: Janome 7700(4 batts) and Janome 6500(3 batts) machines; For example, we hold the Hobbs, Warm & Natural, Quilters Dream, June Tailor and Vilene (Vlieseline) wadding ranges. Bearding The wadding fibres separate and push through the quilt top. function image() { }; image[ number++ ] = "" Wadding . £37.00. image[number++] = "" image[ number++ ] = "" function image() { };