no longer available 1,000+ bought $42 no longer available. Try’em all and unwrap the fun! Ingredients in these: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Wheat Flour, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Starch, Modified Potato Starch, Water, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Contains Less than 2% of: Glycerine, Artificial Flavors, Potassium Citrate, Salt, Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Artificial Color, Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6. Shop Airheads Assorted Flavors Mini Bars Gusset Bag - compare prices, see product info & reviews, add to shopping list, or find in store. These chewy Rainbow Berry filled candies will make you a believer in the power of the sour and sweet. Kosher, gluten-free and allergy-free candy. A look at Airheads’ ingredients list and it becomes clear that all the original candies are naturally colorless. Airheads candy has been a favorite among kids and adults alike since its start in 1986. The candy comes individually wrapped in long colored strips, in a variety of flavors including: Airheads are an all around American classic taffy like candy. With five fantastically fruity flavors in every pack, there’s plenty of tangy little bites to share at a game, while at work, or on the go. The Best Airheads Candy – Top 5 Brands 2020. White Mystery Airheads hit the market later in the summer of 1993. Cherry Via Though Bruner can boast inventing this fun candy, he receives no profit off the sales. Many fans of Airheads candy say you should try the sour belts and the bites if you really want to experience the Airheads brand. Just two AirHead mini-bars have more sugar and calories than half a cup of Edy's slow-churned mint chocolate chip ice cream! When a run of one flavor is finished, the company may have some candy left over but not enough to produce a full run. These are up there on the list for most peoples favorite sour candy, especially during Netflix and chill time. Now you can share the playfully chewy zap of flavor in each bite. Up to 88% Off. These mini candy bars are wonderful to add to candy dishes at home or in the office,… Though there are some flavors that come and go, the eight common flavors of Airheads are: Green apple; Cherry; Blue raspberry; Orange; Grape; Strawberry; Pink lemonade; There's also a mystery flavor! The familiar chewy taste of Airheads® can be nearly irresistible for so any people! Airheads® Candy - Watermelon F51-4377003-9100 $0.29 5 Surprise Collectibles Mini Brands G01-0145601-9000 $9.99 Jelly Belly® Assorted Flavors - 0.35 oz F51-4546001-1100 $0.43 Woman-Owned Small Business certified by the Small Business Administration. I remember my friends and I would argue about it when we were kids. With a variety of intense fruity flavors and soft chew, Airheads is a taffy unlike any other. Original Airheads It was awesome. You can watch all AirHeads candy commercials in one video. Airheads Assorted Mini Candy Bars, 3.62 oz. We took the sweet, fruity, and sour deliciousness of Airheads Xtremes and made them more bite sized. I recently went to 7-Eleven and found Airheads Bites in all white mystery flavor. White Mystery has been extended into frozen treats, a Taco Bell Freeze flavor and even a limited edition Jones Soda flavor. The Original Fruit flavors are long, skinny candies (hence the name) that are different colors on the outside with a white center. The flavors are always wonderful and taste just like they should. You’ll have to try your luck picking these up on amazon if you really want to try them as they can be hard to find in stores. The Airheads Gum has four different flavors: blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, and white mystery. Below we listed a couple of the most popular Airheads candies out right now. It appears that there is some sort of sweet or sour element sprinkled on the outside as well. Airheads candy has been a favorite among kids and adults alike since its start in 1986. It quickly shot up to the #2 sales position in the Airheads lineup. Airhead Flavors. They are an egg free candy that. When a run of one flavor is finished, the company may have some candy left over but not enough to produce a full run. Okay, that last one doesn’t sound that good to me. Coming out of the hippie generation the words high could be used in many different ways. The Best and Worst Airhead Candy Flavors? These hard to find Airhead candies are one of the best that the brand can offer according to some customers. Airheads come in a variety of sizes including regular, mini and big bars and now come in bite size pieces! The Airheads White Mystery flavor changes from batch to batch. Now in smaller, shareable bites. A playful combination of fruity, sweet, and sour taking to the Xtreme. Bruner's Special Contribution. Image: Via Cherry Via